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3. Minimum displacements to form pull-apart basins, and minimum ages of initiation for pull-apart basins can be estimated.


报告一:Particle-based modeling of pull-apart basin development

欢迎广大师生参加! 医学院2018年10月22日1.报告人:曾筑天(加拿大卡尔加里大学Cumming 医学院博士后)报告题目:To See the Unseen: Intravital imaging reveals key immune defense mechanisms against bloodstream bacterial infection内容摘要:Bloodstream bacterial infection is on the rise due to the wide spread use of indwelling intravenous catheters and immunosuppressive iatrogenic interventions. First-pass clearance of blood-borne bacteria is critical to control bloodstream infections and to prevent systemic dissemination. The liver has been well known as a blood-filtering organ capable of sequestering circulating bacteria via its vast pool of intravascular macrophages-Kupffer cells. However, the molecular mechanism underlying Kupffer cell mediated capture of circulating pathogens under shear conditions remains less understood. Taking advantage of high-speed real time intravital imaging, we visualized the dynamic process of bacterial capture by Kupffer cells, and revealed novel mechanisms utilized by Kupffer cells to catch bacteria. We observed a pattern recognition role for complement receptor-CRIg in the capture of circulating Gram-positive bacteria from the bloodstream by directly binding to the Lipoteichoic Acid of Gram-positive bacteria, such as S. aureus. We also observed a sex-biased difference of Kupffer cells in capture circulating enteropathogenic E. coli . While complement opsonization was indispensable for the capture of EPEC in male mice; however, a faster, complement-independent process involving abundant preexisting antibodies to EPEC was detected in female mice. These antibodies were elicited predominantly in female mice at puberty in response to estrogen regardless of microbiota-colonization conditions. Estrogen-driven antibodies were maternally transferrable to offspring and conferred protection during infancy. Thus, an estrogen-driven, innate antibody-mediated immunological strategy conferred protection to females and their offspring. 报告人简介︰曾筑天博士于2004年至2008年就读于中国科学技术大学生命科学学院,取得学士学位。随后在中国科学技术大学免疫学研究所师从田志刚院士并于2014年7月获得细胞生物学博士学位。2014年8月至今,曾筑天博士在加拿大卡尔加里大学师从国际著名免疫学专家Paul Kubes教授进行博士后研究。在博士及博士后研究期间,曾筑天博士在肝脏天然免疫学及感染应答机制等方向做出一系列具有延续性和创新型的重要研究,主要利用高分辨率活体显微成像技术实现了对肝脏局部免疫细胞和血液中微生物动态相互作用的实时成像观测,揭示了肝脏抗细菌感染免疫的分子细胞机制,发现了全新的由雌激素诱导的天然抗体新群体,并对慢性病毒感染状态下肝脏免疫功能低下致使乙肝病毒不能被有效清除阐明了机制。其研究成果以第一作者身份发表在了Nature Immunology, Cell Host&Microbe, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Immunology等高水平免疫学期刊上。曾筑天博士是免疫学领域的优秀青年学者,多年来致力于肝脏疾病免疫学基础研究及潜在免疫治疗方法的开发,在肝脏免疫这一重要领域具有坚实的研究基础,具有清晰合理的未来规划以及巨大的发展潜力。曾筑天博士掌握独特的科研技术,能对活体小动物肝脏,肾脏,脾脏等多个脏器免疫细胞进行直接实时动态的显微成像检测及分析,是目前国际上为数不多的能对上述多个脏器进行活体动态成像研究的学者之一。 2.报告人:叶浩彬(科罗拉多大学医学院博士后)报告题目:Management of Leukemia from Metabolic Perspectives内容摘要:Obese leukemia patients have a poorer prognosis compared to normal weight patients, suggesting that obesity-associated conditions protect leukemia cells/leukemia stem cells from chemotherapy. Further, obese population have a higher risk for leukemia, indicating that obesity promotes disease development and progression. However, the biological mechanisms underlying these phenomena remain unknown. In today’s presentation, the author introduces two studies that reveal the mechanisms for the phenomena mentioned above. The first study has demonstrated that adipose tissue functions as a sanctuary for LSCs. Briefly, LSCs are found to be enriched in adipose tissue. Tranome comparisons show that compared to hematopoietic tissue-resident LSCs, adipose-resident LSCs display a pro-inflammatory gene signature, which leads to an inflamed state in adipose tissue, and consequently an increased lipolysis rate as evidenced by elevated serum fatty acids level. Lipolysis-derived fatty acids are utilized by two distinct pathways: 1) fatty acids-induced inflammation pathway and 2) fatty acid oxidation pathway. Interestingly, a LSC subpopulation that has a high-level expression of the fatty acid transporter CD36 (CD36+ LSCs) displays a significantly higher FAO rate compared to CD36- LSCs and is strikingly enriched in adipose tissue. Further, CD36+ LSCs are more chemo-resistant compared to CD36- LSCs partially due to CD36-mediated FAO. More importantly, a CD36+ LSC subpopulation is also observed in primary human leukemia patient samples. Human CD36+ LSCs display a higher FAO rate and are chemo-resistant compared to CD36- LSCs. Collectively, this study shows that the interplay between leukemia cells and adipose tissue creates a unique microenvironment that supports the metabolic demands and survival of a distinct LSC population.The second study demonstrates that leukemic disease causes aberrancies in multiple tissues including adipose tissue, pancreas, gut and gut microbiota to subvert the systemic glucose metabolism to support growth of leukemia cells. Briefly, leukemia mice are found to have characteristics of both type 2 and type 1 diabetes: insulin resistance and insulin defect, conditions that inhibit glucose utilization in normal tissues. Mechanistically, leukemia induces a high-level production of IGFBP1 from adipose tissue, which results in insulin resistance. Further, leukemic disease impairs gut functions causing loss of gut-derived serotonin and dysbiosis. Serotonin loss results in inhibition of insulin secretion and dysbiosis leads to insulin resistance and less production of microbiota-derived short chain fatty acids such as butyrate and propionate. Supplementation of serotonin or SCFAs impedes leukemia progression. Importantly, combination of serotonin and SCFAs supplementations drastically reduce leukemic burden and prolong survival of leukemic mice by directly increasing the uptake and utilization of glucose in normal tissues. Together, these data demonstrate that restoration of normal glucose regulation may be a feasible strategy to suppress systemic growth of malignant cell types. Taking together, these two studies suggest that interventions by targeting either intracellular metabolism of LSCs or systemic metabolism are effective means for disease management.报告人简介︰叶浩彬,博士,男,1986年出生,毕业于罗切斯特大学医学院 (University of Rochester Medical Center),现为科罗拉多大学医学院(University of Colorado Medical Campus)博士后,主要进行白血病病理和白血病干细胞代谢及其微环境研究。已在Cancer Cell、 Cell Stem Cell、blood和Journal of Biological Chemistry等期刊上发表论文及摘要8篇。担任Cancers、International Journal of Molecular Sciences、Molecules和Vaccines等国际学术期刊审稿人。



报告人:严滢伟(研究员/ 博士(后))




加坡海峡时报,BioTech In Asia 及CIO ASIA 等。

报告人:叶浩彬(科罗拉多大学医学院博士后)题目:Management of Leukemia from Metabolic Perspectives


广大师生: 华南理工大学“海内外优秀青年学者论坛”旨在面向全球邀请拥有不同学术背景的青年才俊,围绕国际科学前沿、热点研究领域以及行业产业的技术问题等展开探讨和交流。希望藉此平台,互相启迪、开拓视野,增强国际交流与合作,促进双方共同发展。现将医学院分论坛有关安排通知如下:一、论坛时间2018年10月24日14:00-17:00二、论坛地点华南理工大学大学城校区B2-513会议室 三、论坛议程

(IJGI), Geojournal 等国际学术期刊和会议上发表。其中两篇论文获得Esri








际优秀青年学者奖,该奖项由Esri 创始人兼总裁Jack Dangermond 以及

报告人:曾筑天(加拿大卡尔加里大学Cumming 医学院博士后)题目:To See the Unseen: Intravital imaging reveals key immune defense mechanisms against bloodstream bacterial infection






1. A scale-independent modeling approach based on the Discrete Element Method has been built to investigate pull-apart basin development.

报告摘要:Interferometric virtual source redatuming converts surface-triggered source records into the equivalent records as if they originated from buried receiver locations by crosscorrelating downgoing waves with the corresponding upgoing waves. The theory suggests that when the receivers are surrounded by an enclosing boundary of sources, then the VS has an isotropic radiation pattern and yields an accurate response. The resultant records should determine improvement in the seismic repeatability and image quality compared with non-VS. However, in the presence of a complex near surface, an intricate shallow structure and highly variable weathering layers can severely distort the raypath, such that it produces uneven angle coverage to the buried VS. In addition, near-surface reverberations, surface multiples, and other mode-converted waves may leak into the time-gated early arrivals and further corrupt the direct wavefields. The above-mentioned issues can result in distorted radiation patterns and contaminated responses of the VS. We address these issues explicitly by spatially filtering the potentially contaminated direct wavefields using a zero-phase matched filter, such that the filtered wavefield is consistent with a model-based ideal direct P-wavefield observed at common receiver locations. This ideal reference response is computed from a homogeneous approximation to the local near-surface overburden on top of each VS. The phases of the original direct arrivals are preserved. Components associated with the reverberations and other noises can be effectively suppressed as their spatial radiation patterns deviate from that of the ideal single P-wave mode. Toward an isotropic radiation pattern by the iterative matched filter, we reduce the unbalanced illumination arising from imperfect source coverage and near-surface complexity. In addition, we have developed a new interferometric redatuming method based on crosscorrelation in the wavelet domain. Specifically, by transforming time-offset data into the local time-scale and local TS-wavenumber domains, we have designed and applied filters on the amplitude of the cross spectra in each domain to suppress the aforementioned artifacts and noise, while maintaining accurate kinematic information by retaining the original phase spectra. Components associated with scattering noise and ground roll can be effectively suppressed because our designed filters tackle their features accurately in the local TS and local TS-wavenumber domains, respectively. Compared with previous methods, the new VS approach provides significantly improved image quality and repeatability based on a pilot field of 13 time-lapse surveys, which solved a significant repeatability problem across a 17 month survey gap.

2. The shape of a pull-apart basin is the consequence of both initial strike-slip geometry and its various evolution stages.




暨社会科学院。2016-2017 年,德国海德堡大学地理研究所,从事博士后研究;

Science ,Applied Geography, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-information






和危机管理》、《Village Tree》(新加坡国立大学大众社交

报告二:Understanding the mechanical properties of shale in nanoscale